Since I made Lola’s Sint out of my own need to have the book for my daughter I could not find in the bookshops, parents come often to me and tell me they would also like to make a book for their children telling that special story they cannot find in the market. Sometimes it goes about a special situation in their family or about a special characteristic of their child.

It is sometimes hard to find children’s book that tell exactly that story you want to read to your child. But you can always make that book yourself. You can choose to make it only for your family or go a bit bigger and put it out there in the market to help other parents that may be in the same situation and want exactly that book for their children too.

Based in my own journey to make Lola’s Sint, I would like to share my experience with you in the hope it can help you to create that particular story you would love to read to your kids.

  1. The reason behind the book.
  2. From Idea to story.
  3. The illustrations.
  4. You have a good book and now?
  5. Only for my kids or going into the market?
  6. How does the production journey look like?
  7. Storage and distribution: Help, how do I do this?
  8. Marketing: This should be fun!
  9. Sales and expectations.
  10. Results and feedback.

Bring your own ideas, projects and questions and we will discuss them together!

When: Saturday 29th November from 14 00 to 17 00

Where:  Jacaranda Tree Montessori.

Cost: €15 per person + you get a free copy of Lola’s Sint (

Interested? Write to: